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Changing Your Life One Meal at A Time

Being mindful of what you eat isn't always easy.   Learning to eat in a way that supports your health and well being makes a huge impact in your life and the way you feel.


Laurie Campion has 20 years of experience addressing her client's nutritional needs

with personalized programs that work.  

Nutrition consultations

The first session includes a comprehensive health evaluation to determine your nutritional needs.  

Menu planning, supplement recommendations

and lifesyle coaching follows.  

Arrow white small Benefits of our consultations

Easy-to-follow weight loss programs

Address the health issues that contribute to weight gain.  Reset your metabolism and keep the weight off without calorie restriction.  Menu plans are customized to your nutritional needs and lifestyle.

Weight Loss Programs

Optional Lab Testing Available

Test for food sensitivities, gluten intoerance, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, Candida and other digestive issues.   Hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and metal toxicity tests are also available.



Nutrition Programs

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