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Trusted Substance Abuse Recovery

What you eat has an impact on a successful recovery from substance abuse.

Whether you are dealing with food, alcohol, medication  or drugs, you will have a better chance of a long term recovery with a personalized nutrition program.    

Beginning to eat healthier can help your body start to recover.

Treating a food addiction

Eating food to deal with emotions can quickly turn into an addiction.  Learning to eat foods that nourish the body, the emotions can follow.  Once you do that, your body and mind will begin to heal.

Personalized meal plans

In order to treat your substance abuse or food addiction, we'll begin by providing you with a personalized meal plan. Learn which foods and supplements assist the body sustaining mental, emotional and physical endurance to avoid cravings and addictive behavior recurrence.

You'll receive accurate and affordable treatment for substance abuse.

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Eating healthy can help you recover quickly from substance abuse

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