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Nutrition for Digestive Wellness

and Weight Loss Resistance

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-Good Health Begins in the Gut-


Welcome to Food for Health Now

My goal is to determine which nutrition path is best for you

based on your health evaluation.  

Individuals with gastrointestinal issues face many challenges

that can be overwhelming, effecting other areas of health,

particularly weight loss resistance.  

My approach therefore is very individualized,

based on the most up to date nutrition information.



Realize the importance of getting your elimination pathways open for your over all health and weight loss.

Your digestive problems can be caused by a variety of factors including

Eating too much processed foods and sugars

food sensitivities

bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

candida or other pathogens

chronic stress

Symptoms of digestive disorders

When you have digestive problems, you might experience

gas, bloating and even painful cramping

constipation and/or diarrhea

which can lead to other symptoms like

food cravings

fatigue and a sluggish metabolism

weight gain

brain fog


compromised nutrient absorption


Addressing digestive disorders

Your health evaluation will determine what's causing your specific health issues

This includes a

Questionnaire of your symptoms and diet history

Lab testing is available for

food sensitivities

chronic bacterial infections like SIBO.

candida overgrowth and other pathogens

Muscle testing is also available

to determine the nature of your disorders and how to address them.


With this information I can offer a nutritional program that includes

menu planning

supplement recommendations and lifestyle changes if needed.  

Increasing digestive health

To restore your digestive health and keep your elimination pathways open, it's critical to have a healthy microbiome

By providing you with a long term nutrition plan that includes the correct

pro biotics and healing foods, I can help you build a healthy digestive system

that supports your overall health for your lifetime.

Results-Driven Weight Loss Programs

Losing weight might be your main goal, but don't focus on calories or your scale.   Calorie restriction and poor food choices can slow your metabolism, making weight loss more difficult.  Balanced nutrition is essential in a successful weight loss program.


Address chronic health issues that contribute to weight gain & difficulty losing it.

Digestive issues that cause inflammation

fatty liver that encourages belly fat

blood sugar imbalances that provoke cravings



Your best intentions for weight loss can be derailed by

chronic stress

adrenal fatigue

or emotional eating.

Your stressors can be identified and I can teach you the best ways to cope with them and eventually defeat them.

These can all be addressed in my nutrient dense weight loss program


Mitochondria and Energy

By dealing with your health issues you give the mitochondria in your cells the ability to focus on producing energy (ATP).

This means more long lasting energy for you.  It also means you have the energy to keep from getting sick from all the viral and bacterial bugs going around.  



About Laurie Campion

Thank you for pursuing your health and reaching out.  I look forward to meeting you.

For 20 years, I have been providing nutritional counseling to all those who seek a healthier lifestyle.

As a state certified Nutritionist from the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition I've maintained a private practice in Marin and Sonoma County.  

I became interested in digestive disorders while I was dealing with it myself.  At the time I was working for a Functional Medical doctor and was able to get a diagnosis and treatment for it.

The results were so profound I decided to study nutrition.  Because I knew there were many people who were also dealing with a variety of gastrointestinal issues I went back to school to get certified in Nutrition so I could help these people.

The real education has been over the past 20 years in my clinical experience with the patients I see and keeping up with the newest changes and advances in GI nutrition.

I also enjoy helping clients with other nutrition issues that are not gastrointestinal related.

Prior experience

Aside from my private practice, I've worked as a nutritionist at Sonoma Valley Hospital Integrative Health Network, The Bayside Recovery Program for substance abuse,  Stillpoint Naturopathic Clinic, and am currently offering classes and counseling at Five Points Fitness Health Club.



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Offices in San Rafael and Petaluma, CA.

Phone: 707-479-1889




Hello Laurie,

I just wanted to let you know I am 9 days into the eating program (so as not to say diet) you referred to me. To date I have lost 8lbs but beyond the weight I have recovered an amazing amount of energy, which you may recall was my goal. I would have never believed, without personally experiencing it,  just how good I could feel and how much energy I could have changing only my eating habits.  I am 40 years old but now now feel 30 instead of 50.  And this with just 9 days since the change in diet.  I now have the energy to exercise every day and that will no doubt provide compounding results.

My only regret is that I did not take these 9 days to try what I always knew made sense years ago.

I am very thankful for your help and if you ever have a client who hates vegetables like I do, but wants to feel better, please use me as a reference and I will help show them the light.  I never fathomed the results could be so positive.


Thank you

Cory Williams



“I truly appreciate working with Laurie Campion CNC. I have spent most of my life dieting and have seen many different approaches and it is clear that Laurie knows her stuff. It shines through that Laurie is personally passionate about nutrition, health and the quality of life it provides. That passion keeps her learning everyday, always on the cutting edge of dietary science that is coming out. She has used that learning and experience to help me move towards my health goals and I could;t be more appreciative."


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