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Personalized Detoxification Programs

Once your elimination pathways are open, you will be able to start a Detox Program to eliminate any unhealthy bacterial, fungal, viral or pathogen overgrowth that is hanging out in your gut. Detoxification also includes eliminating the harmful environmental toxins you take in everyday that get stored in your body. This will take the extra burden off your immune system and the effect it has on your overall health and energy. This is not a quick fix but an important journey to take back to your health and vitality.

Open Your Elimination Pathways – Flow Like a River

  • Increase GI motility and elimination
  • Support the liver and gallbladder
  • Activate lymphatic drainage

No matter what you’ve been diagnosed with, opening your elimination pathwaysis the foundation for better health and vitality.

Your body has a remarkably efficient detox system but if the elimination pathways are congested and sluggish, your toxic load can build up over time causing chronic illness and disease.

Clearing Out the Colon

Stagnation in the colon, or constipation, can cause problems in your ability to eliminate waste and allows toxins to get recycled back into your body.
Learning how to clear the colon and keep things moving is essential to your overall health. In my nutrition programs I consider this a good starting point.

Also, gut motility is important to prevent foods from stagnating and fermenting in your upper digestive tract causing bloating and gas, which can contribute to SIBO or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. Supporting your motility motor complex is an important part of digestion and can be covered in your program.

Liver Support

A fatty liver is the result of a poor diet, medications, alcohol, environmental pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle. It can clog up your detox pathways, interfere with fat metabolism and prevent everything from moving as it should. This can lead to unhealthy weight gain, especially belly fat. By opening your liver detox pathways, you can reverse this direction and improve your health and address any weight loss resistance.

Lymphatic Drainage

If you have puffy bags under your eyes or swollen ankles, your lymph system may not be draining properly. There are keys to opening and optimizing this crucial elimination organ that are easy to add to your nutritional program that I can share with you.

Mitochondria – The Spark Plugs of Your Body

The Mitochondria in your cells is responsible for energy production (ATP).
If your toxic load is high the Mitochondria is busy attending to this instead of your energy production. This leads to chronic fatigue. By addressing your health, you free up the Mitochondria to produce more energy, increase immune support and improve your ability to get nutrients into your cells and waste out.

It is essential that we support the Mitochondria before any kind of a detox program so your body can deal with the detoxification process without getting overloaded and bogged down.

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