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Specializing in Nutrition Counseling

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Laurie Campion, Certified Nutrition Consultant
has been practicing in the Sonoma County area for over 20 years.

Specializing in digestive wellness using integrative and functional nutrition.
Her approach is individual, taking into account all the factors
that contribute to you achieving your optimal health.
A comprehensive health evaluation will address the root cause of any health issues,
using the most up-to-date nutritional information and lab testing.

Offering a Detox and Weight Loss Program to Reset your Metabolism
Switch from burning sugar to burning fat as fuel to boost your metabolism.
For weight loss, physical and mental energy,
stabilizing mood and reducing cravings,
lowering inflammation and detoxifying stored toxins.

Identify Root Problems

I specialize in getting at the root cause of your health issues as well as allowing the body to heal itself with proper drainage support. I also address the gut/brain connection that can trigger your mood and mental focus.


Consultations include a health evaluation to determine the most comprehensive nutrition program for your individual needs. Lab testing is available. Follow up session includes education and guidance.

Customized Diets

Menu planning includes your nutritional goals,  any health issues, food preferences, and lifestyle. Plenty of guidance to make it work for you!    Detox and Weight Loss Programs are available to Reset your Metabolism.

I can help you with:

Which foods are best for you to eat
Which foods are best for you to avoid
The connection between food, your digestion, moods and energy levels
The connection between food and the symptoms you experience

Laurie Campion, Certified Nutrition Consultant

Consultations are done through Phone Call or Zoom

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