Specializing in Nutrition Counseling

Initial Consultation

In our Initial Consultation we will discuss what you want to achieve in our sessions. You can tell me about your current health and any issues you want addressed.
We will go over your health history followed by a comprehensive health evaluation which may include lab testing.
Lab tests can be very helpful in finding the root causes to any health issues.

Lab testing includes

  • GI Map test for many gut disorders including SIBO, Candida, Parasites, H. Pylori, Leaky gut, digestion, inflammation and immune response.
  • Food Sensitivities test to see which foods your immune system is reacting to.
  • Mycotoxins test for mycotoxins that may be stored in your body from mold exposure.
  • Heavy Metals and Toxic Chemicals test for anything stored in your body from toxic exposure.

Follow up Consultations

Menu Planning

The next session we will cover your diet history and lifestyle habits to understand where you are coming from.
We can then start a menu plan with breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner options that may include your health issues, weight loss goals, food preferences and lifestyle. I also help you organize your menu plan with easy recipe tips and grocery shopping lists.
Check the customized diet page to see the various plans available.

I offer plenty of handouts to give you an understanding of your nutrition program as well as how to support your body’s healing process with exercise, self massage, lymph drainage techniques and more.
Supplement recommendations are included along with your nutrition program. I offer what I have found to be helpful supplements for myself and my clients in achieving their nutritional goals.

Health Issues

In further sessions we will continue to address any health issues, using your comprehensive health evaluation and/or lab results to develop a protocol appropriate to your individual needs.


I recommend this for anyone wanting to clear congestion and support the elimination pathways. This increases your energy levels as well as prevents toxic build up and the health issues that can follow.

Detoxification Programs

Detox Programs address any unwanted bacterial, fungal, viral or pathogen overgrowth that are hanging out in your gut. It also supports elimination of any harmful environmental toxins that are stored in your body. This is not a quick fix but an important journey to take back to your health and vitality.

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