About Laurie Campion

Specializing in Nutrition Counseling

About Laurie Campion

My introduction to nutrition began over 25 years ago when I was working at a Functional Medicine doctor’s office. I had unexplained symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, bloating , irregularity, muscle weakness and overall inflammation.

I started reading his books and asked questions which led me to get a lab test. The lab test showed I had Candida so I started on a diet and supplement protocol to address it. After diligently following the program, my energy came back, I was able to exercise, my digestive issues improved and my inflammation levels were down, as well as my weight. I was so impressed that I started training at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition to get certified as a Nutritional Consultant so I could learn more myself and help others in need. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, learning with others in a supportive environment and I accomplished what I set out to do – become a Nutritionist.

I have been practicing as a Certified Nutrition Consultant for over 20 years now and am still learning more every day. I have worked in many different environments over the years while maintaining a private practice. I worked as a nutritionist at Sonoma Valley Hospital in Sonoma, CA seeing the patients referred to me for dietary support.

I also worked at The Bayside Recovery Program in San Rafael CA, a residential and outpatient program for people with eating disorders and addictions. I worked at Stillpoint Naturopathic Clinic in Sebastopol CA seeing patients to measure their extracellular levels of inflammation as a way of determining their health for a diet and supplement protocol.

Before COVID I offered members at Five Point Fitness Club in Novato, CA talks on various topics of health and wellness and I am currently offering online consultations.

As your nutritionist can help you see the connection between your symptoms and what you are eating (or not eating). It can open your eyes to a world of ways to nourish your body. And it can help bring you into a balanced and healthy state. The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself, when provided with proper nourishment.

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